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Our Secretary’s Message

Shanti Deva Vidyalaya is a place for joyful co-existence where great care has been taken to see that children enjoy a stress-free learning atmosphere and the entire focus is on children to train them as responsible citizens. The mutual faith among the teachers and the students has manifested in producing many future leaders of our country. The school not only prepares the students for secondary examination conducted by the CBSE but also train them with a wide range of opportunity in all modern technology.

The school's achievement in the past, its glorious tradition of maintaining result needs no mention as they have achieved phenomenal success in the school and National levels. The academics of the students has been augmented by the facilities such as, laboratory experiences, writing competitions, speech and debate competitions, dance and music competitions that are regularly arranged in the school . Sports and games activities along with regular Spiritual addresses and value based education are encouraged in the school to elevate the spiritual aspect underlining the teachings of our Supreme Patriarch the 13th Tsona Gontse Rinpoche. He always believed in the amalgamation of modern education with traditional values that would not only give an all-round development of the student but also produce a bunch of rational citizens who would instinctively work for a corruption free society. With the guidance of educationists and supportive executive committee members along with a well-qualified team of teachers we are marching towards fulfilling the expectations of parents and society.

Our team welcomes all of you with open arms to revive those rich traditional values and culture which today seem to be out-fashioned and has lost its sparkle.

Dorjee Norbu