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Cultural Activities

band & parade

We encourage our students to actively participate in cultural activities believing the fact that it gives the students an opportunity to develop particular skills and exhibit their non-academic abilities. The students actually are groomed in the art of living and working together while preparing for their cultural participation.


Extracurricular activities being the activities that are group-oriented having students from different niches, gives them a chance to know more about different cultures. Extracurricular activities teach students how to work for a common goal and this ultimately develops a sense of responsibility in them. It increases the level of confidence and also teaches them how to co-operate and work with people in different conditions. They learn to face the challenges that come in education and career. So, Cultural activities like sports require a person to remain physically fit. Thus, students have to be particular about their health. While pursuing these activities in school along with education students learn prioritization and time management skills too. At SDV along with academics we try to develop co-circularly talented students also who have well-groomed personality, which helps them to face the world in a better way.