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Interaction Program

Parent –Touch Programme

Every last Saturday of the school is open for all the parents specially to meet the principal and the teaching staff in order to know about their child's progress in the school. Parents are encouraged to give their valuable feedbacks from time to time .Teachers are also advised to meet parents again and again for the larger benefit of the students.

Parent-Teacher Meeting ( PTM )

PTM is organised group wise, namely, Primary, Middle and Secondary Section separately to discuss and solve different problems of the child. However, the school is open for informal parents meeting every day to discuss matters related to students’ development. Although a student is both parent’s and teacher’s pride we believe education starts from Mother’s Lap. The role of a mother is very important in building of a child’s future. To enlighten the intellectual of a mother for a proper upbringing of a child, SDV encourages the participation of mothers in the PTM greatly